Avocado Face Mask


I am a natural face mask lover, I have many recipes for face masks that have made my skin brighter, softer, and more hydrated. I will keep posting different face masks that will help your skin have a beautiful glow and a natural beauty. In this post I will talk about one that is very popular and helps our skin a lot.

You will need:





-Natural Yogurt


Step 1: In a bowl put a large piece of avocado and with a fork or spoon start to smash it until it has no lumps.


Step 2: Add the natural yogurt and honey. Remember their isn’t a specific amount, add as much as you want or as your face needs.

Step 3: Mix it together really well.


Step 4: Apply to your face and leave it for 20-30 minutes. Note: Also apply to your neck.

Why did we use these 3 ingredients?

Avocado: It moisturises our face without clogging our pores. Also, it contains Vitamin C and works as a skin brightener.

Natural Yogurt: It works as a exfoliant and gives that glow to our faces.

Honey: Works as an humectant and makes our face hydrated.


I did this mask once and I really liked the results. If you don’t see any immediate result, don’t panic – just try it once a week and you will see the results later. I just investigated about this mask and tried it once and I loved it. I will continue to do it every two weeks because their is nothing like a natural face mask that keeps our face bright and healthy.

Keep in touch because I will post more face masks and skincare related material! 🙂


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