Be Bold With Gold

2015-07-09 04.10.21

Hello beautifuls, today’s outfit is wonderful. Personally, it’s one of my best outfits. I think that using gold in our clothing causes a strong impact; it’s like saying “I’M HERE”. I think that everyone looks amazing with gold and silver. Also, it depends on our skin and what best suits us better. I combined a white crop top with a gold high-waisted short which made the perfect match. I loved using a gold short because apart of having a marvellous color, the designs of the zippers and black lines makes the short more detailed and complete. Also, using a plain crop top was perfect because it brings the whole attention to the short.

2015-07-09 04.21.20

I used a white shoulder bag from Guess which had gold patterns. It made a perfect fusion with the clothe. To add that POP to the look of the day I used golden earrings which I love because they are big and have a espectacular pattern. It added that shimmer of gold that I needed. For my lips, I combined a brown lip liner from Elizabeth Arden with a baby pink lipstick from MAC called Be Fabulous. I love using these two products together because it creates a pretty nude.

2015-07-09 04.20.14

For my necklace, I chose a gold and cute owl that made the shirt stand out better.

2015-07-09 05.07.15

Lastly, I chose a pair of beige flats with gold details. I decided to use this shoes because I loved how it looked with the short and I like the designs it has, including the glittery, gold diamonds.

2015-07-09 05.04.01

2015-07-09 04.13.39

I hope you loved this outfit! Just wait for the next one 😉

Shirt: Forever 21

Shorts: Estampa

Shoes: Nello Rossi

Earrings: SIX

Shoulder Bag: Guess


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