Hear the Birds Calling

Welcome! For this outfit I paired this graphic long-sleeved shirt from Zara with black jeans from Juicy Couture. Funny thing is, this shirt is from Zara Kids. The shirt itself makes statement for having the graphic and colorful feathers, and elastic band which makes it subtly “peplum”. It is definitely hard to find something similar and I’ve used it multiple times, mainly dressed up like this.

Dressy Feather Outift
Let’s appreciate how well the seat goes with the shirt please

I’ve always liked to pair it with black pants because it contrasts so well with the beige shirt and shoes. Because the feathers also have dark colors, they balance out and make them the perfect pair.

Dressy Feather Outift

Going along with the beige tones, I paired the clothing with all gold accessories – a gold necklace, bracelets, earrings, and a ring and midi rings.

Zara Feather Long-sleeved Shirt

I would use this outfit to a not-the-fanciest dinner. Something dressy, but not overly formal of course. I used a black Ted Baker bag to go with the black jeans. Conveniently, the baby pink bow goes with the colors of the feathers.

Dressy Feather Outift

Lastly, I simply put my bangs back with a golden hair barrette in the shape of a leaf (but lets pretend it’s a feather).

Claire's Gold Leaf Barrette
Gold leaf accessory

Thank you for visiting our blog! What was your favorite part of the outfit?

Shirt: Zara

Black Jeans: Juicy Couture

Bag: Ted Baker Shopper Bag

Pumps: Nine & Co.

Hair Accessory: Claire’s


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