You’re Going to Hear Me Roaar!


Hi everyone, how are you? Today’s outfit is a bit different and edgy. I combined a gorgeous shirt from Estampa with a white jean. I love this shirt because it has patterns and beautiful colors that made the look of the day stand out. Then, I used a pretty and small shoulder bag from Michael Kors for this outfit because the orange color with the gold matched perfectly with the shirt, shoes, and accessories.


For my shoes I wore a pair of ankle boots. I adore these boots because they radiate style and have an espectacular golden color, that together with the clothes make the perfect fusion. I wore a golden necklace that says, “LOVE ME”, which I got from Juicy Couture. It gave a nice detail to the clothing. For my lips I used an orange shade from Revlon Colorburst Matte balm in the color Audacious.


I used a white and gold watch. It helped to give that pop to the outfit. BTW, you will see a lot of gold in my future outfits because I’m a gold addict (But, don’t worry. Not for everything 😉 ).



See you soon! Hope you liked it 🙂

Shirt: Estampa

White Jean: Bebe

Shoes: Milano

Shoulder bag: Michael Kors

Necklace: Juicy Couture

Watch: Tommy Hilfiger


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