90’s Mint

Hello! To me, this outfit screams “90’s”. It’s probably the high-waisted jeans and long-sleeved shirt + the brownish lips 😉 However, it’s kept quite modern with the accessories, shoes, and bag.


The accesories include a mint/turquoise watch and a delicate half mint/half white bracelet, and a small necklace with timeless pearls spaced around it.


It’s probably no secret that Valentina and I love Ted Baker bags, and this is no exception. I’m in love with this mint/turquoise color, and how it’s paired with silver. So, because this color is so unique, fresh, and summer-ry, I made the outfit almost mint-monochrome.


I paired this 90’s inpired look with flashy silver slip-ons that go with the silver details of the purse. The shoes, especially, give a modern edge to the look.


In general, I think that this outfit spices the blouse up since it’s a very simple and potentially boring shirt. I’m always looking for ways to dress up my items – and adding bold garments and elegant jewelry is a good way to do it, as an alternative to just wearing a shirt like this with a a simple jean short.


Hope you liked it!

Shirt: American Eagle Outfitters

High-waisted Jean: Guess

Shoes: Kenneth Cole

Bag: Ted Baker Shopper Bag

Watch: Diesel


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