Top 3 Shampoos

Hello guys! Today I decided to talk about 3 shampoos that I use because they have made my hair stronger and healthier. However, I will review other shampoos later on because I know every hair is different 😉

1. Head and Shoulders

I love the Head and Shoulders shampoo and conditioner because I have a lot of hair loss, and this shampoo has helped to stop that a little. Trust me, I have used everything and this helped improve my hair loss. This shampoo is also good for you if you have problems with dandruff, because it helps to control it. So, for those people that have problems with hair loss and dandruff this shampoo is for you.



2. Tío Nacho

This shampoo isn’t really known, but it’s really good. I use Tío Nacho Shampoo and conditioner to help me with my hair loss. But mostly, to lighten my hair. The shampoo and conditioner lightens your hair really nicely because it contains aloe vera, honey and chamomile. It looks really beautiful, natural, and healthy. So, if you are one of those people who wants to lighten your hair, this shampoo is for you.


3. Sedal

Lastly, I use the Sedal shampoo and conditioner because of the smell – not really, well, maybe I do – but also because it straightens my hair. Since, here in Panama, there is a lot of humidity, it makes my hair really puffy. So, I use this shampoo to straighten it a little. So, for the people that want your hair less voluminous, this product is for you.


Hope that it helped you to decide what shampoo is best for you. BTW, they all smell reallyyy goood 😉


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