Tiny House Syndrome

Google search images of “Tiny House” and the results are endless. Countless of cute and relatively cheap house options will come up. But, what’s the point of living in a house so small?

s i m p l i c i t y.

tiny house bedroom

tiny house

Owning what you need and staying out of debt. Traveling more, with your house attachted to your car. In conclusion, to just live a simpler life and free yourself from material anchors.

tiny house

Tiny house prices could start anywhere from $22,000- $25,000, and provide the option of living completely off-the-grid, with self-sustaining compost toilets in a space of under 500 square feet (46.50 square meters). Many of these tiny houses are built by the owners themselves – there are plenty of plans and guidelines to building your own. They too provide a greener and cleaner lifestyle option than regular houses (solar panels, composting toilets, recycled materials etc.)

tiny house kitchen

However, tiny houses are very adaptable and you could live in a prediscribed lot with a house foundation and real toilet if you want. Many tiny houses are super fancy as well. So don’t think this is only for hippie, carefree people, and that you’ll only have space for 2 shirts.

modern tiny house

That’s a really cool thing about these houses: they use up space, use it well. Because you’re confined to such a small space, people have come up with clever ways to create storage, organize things and create multi-purpose drawers, furniture etc.

tiny house interior

My Perfect Tiny House

  • A tiny house with a foundation (would stay on one space)
  • Actual stairs
  • Actual medium-to full size applicances such a fridge, stove/oven, and washer/dryer
  • A spacious bathroom please
  • A high roof in the bedroom, PLEASE. I wouldn’t want to see the ceiling less than a meter away from my face, Specially when they are built with that annoying peak.
  • I’m keeping my Queen bed
  • A large closet
  • A mix of modern and wooden cabin style
  • Make it pastel yellow, beige or light pink in color
Tiny house videos you need to watch:

Would I Live in a Tiny House?

Maybe not in a mobile tiny house, but a smaller house. It’s true that we often have much more than we need, and reducing your lebensraum or living space helps reduce costs, duties and live simpler.

The question is, would you give up life as you know it to live in a tiny house?


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