3 Elegant and Easy Hairstyles!

Hello guys! I am a person that loves doing different hairstyles. Today I am going to show you 3, I like these 3 hairstyles because they are easy to do and elegant. Hope you like them! 🙂

1. Bun

Step 1- Do a ponytail (Can be high or low).

Step 2- Apply the donut to the ponytail.


Step 3- disperse all of your hair around the donut and then secure it with a ponytail.


Step 4- For the rest of your hair just wrap it around the donut and apply bobby pins or clips to secure the loose ends.


Done! I suggest that when you finish your bun, apply some spray to make everything last longer.


2. Milkmaid Braid

Step 1- Divide your hair in the middle (sorry that mine isn’t perfect).


Step 2- Make two braids on each side.

Step 3- Cross one of the braids over your head (to the opposite end) and secure it with a bobby pin.


Step 4- Do the same to your other braid and secure it with more bobby pins.


Done! I love this hairstyle because it looks really nice in everyone (specially people with long hair) and it’s really easy to do.


3. Hairband Updo

Step 1- Use any elastic band and put it on top of your head. Make sure it feels secure around your head.


Step 2- From one side, start wrapping your hair around the headband and do it until you reach the other end.



Done! This one is the best hairstyles in my opinion, because it’s the easiest and I think is the one that suits me better.


Hope that you guys liked it! 😉


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