White Floral

Hello everyone! I recently bought this shirt from Zara because it’s so cute and stylish. My favorite kinds of shirts are definitely the ones that dress you up without trying too hard, and are perfect for different occassions. The fabric is very loose and comfortable, and it’s floral. Enough said.

floral Zara shirt

When deciding what shoes to wear it with, I came accross this cute “heeled sandals” from my mom’s closet (thank you mom) and decided they went perfectly with the golden undertones of the shirt, accesories and style. Also note the rolled ends of my jeans – a nice trick to slim your jeans and add a sophisticated and stylish vibe to any outfit. This makes your jeans look like they are another pair!

floral Zara outfit

Because I’m committed to not lying, I have to say that I’ve wore this exact same outfit about 5 times since I’ve bought the shirt in July. It seriously makes the perfect outfit.

floral Zara outfit

I also love how classy and elegant the accesories look. This look is definitely polished and chic, perfect for an evening out with friends or family.

floral Zara outfit

Hope you enjoyed!

Shirt: Zara

Jean: Guess

Bag: Ted Baker Shopper Bag

Shoes: Motek


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