Naturebox – Healthy Snack Subscription Box!

Hello guys 🙂 This post is very exciting because I’ll do a Naturebox Unboxing! Naturebox is a monthly suscription box for $19.95 (free shipping inside the contiguous U.S.A.) that sends you 5 resealable bags of healthy snacks. And honestly, “healthy” + “snacks” are great words.

You can choose from 3 or 5 snacks every week, two weeks or month, and you can choose from over 100+ snacks. Naturebox’s promise is to provide snacks that contain:

“No high fructose corn syrup”
“0g trans fats and no partially hydrogenated oils”
“No artificial colors”
“No artificial sweeteners”
“No artificial flavors”

They also have vegan, non-diary, no-gluten, non-GMO, no nuts, and no soy snack options.

This July I ordered:

Peanut butter and jelly granola

This was good – it had a strong peanut butter smell and taste, and you could feel the dried fruit in some bites. However, this granola is chewy, which is not what I personally look for in a granola.


This were very good, but only a few at a time because their flavor is very strong. The pear flavor is so overpowering that you really don’t taste the cashews.


I loved these! Specially mixed with other seeds and nuts. The dried cranberries and apples were very sweet and tasty.


I have to say that these were my least favorite. I hadn’t realized that they were made with rice, and I thought the flavor would be stronger. They weren’t at all what I had imagined when I ordered them, oops.


This were by far the greatest snack! They were delicious – crunchy and sweet. I really recommend them. They don’t entirely taste like apples because of the other ingredients such as oats, raisins and cinnamon.

Naturebox apple pie oat cluster
An apple pie oat cluster – it was delicious

Because they don’t ship outside the U.S., you can open a P.O. Box through a company like Mail Boxes Etc. to recieve your box if you live outside the U.S. and Canada.
I’ve been susbscriped to Naturebox for over three months now and seriously LOVE their snacks and just how healthy (and delicious) they are – nothing you can really buy at a store (at least here in Panama). This box wasn’t a total hit in it’s entirety, but other times it’s been incredible. I love how they have healthy versions of traditional snacks like chocolate chip cookies, Belgian waffles, and fortune cookies.

Like and comment if you would like monthly unboxing posts! Thank you for reading!

*Keep in mind that these are all my personal opinions*

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