Jean on Jean plus a Little Pink

I am quite skeptical about wearing jean on jean because I know it can either look great or fatal. However, when I have a shirt as girly, cute and pretty as this one, I have to make it work. My trick to making jean on jean work for me is pairing different shades of blue to avoid looking like I have one big piece of jean fabric on 😛


Combining different shades of blue to add dimension, plus adding more color and statement pieces to the outfit, distracts the focus from all the jean and shifts it to the other details of the ensemble.


One of my favorite things about this purse (which I’m pretty sure you must be tired of seeing) is that it blends with nearly every outfit and adds that touch of color that outfits like this need. Blue or jean would’ve been too much, but pink goes perfectly with it.


Furthermore, I used a pink lip crayon to continue with the cute and girly vibe of the outfit (and to match and highlight the purse).


I really love how this outfit turned out, not to mention how comfortable it is. This outfit is casual but also super girly and cute.


Thank you for reading!

Shirt: Justice

Jean: Juicy Couture

Bag: Ted Baker Shopper Bag

Shoes: Kenneth Cole


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