Technology Shortcuts I Can’t Live Without

I love technology – it’s a fact. And there are so many things about it that are wonderful. So for this post, let’s talk about the best and most useful features that Internet browsers and computers have to offer. I have a Mac, so these may vary depending on your type of computer, tablet or mobile device. So, let’s start with the classic:


This is self-explanatory. We all know we couldn’t live without this: wether it’s to “temporaly save a piece of written work in case it erases”, or to copy a text message and send it to multiple people, copy-paste is the ultimate reason why computers surpass writing by hand.


Ain’t nobody got time to read those long websites or articles written in the basic HTML days. Command-F is the reason I don’t have to spend hours looking for a phrase, sentence or word and can find it in seconds.

Three-Finger Tap for Dictionary

I am always in the lookout for new vocab terms to understand, learn and use (#sorrynotsorry) so this feature is perfect for me. Besides being almost too practical, it doesn’t even need an Internet connection to function.

“Open Link In New Tab”

I personally prefer to have dozens of tabs open (notice I said tabs not windows) than having to go back after looking at a website and then losing track of where I am or what I’ve seen. So right-click, “Open Link In New Tab”, helps me organize the websites I’m looking at and avoids the frustration of taking me out of the one I’m currently looking at or working on.

Find & Replace

When you write a whole document and realize you made a mistake with the spelling, capitalization or whatever, nothing comes in more handy than the “Find” tool in Word, and furthermore, the “Replace” tool. You can find this in the “Edit” tab if you have a Mac.


MAJOR lifesavior, undo/redo is bae. This, which saves you hours of work with one click when you make a silly mistake, also lets you compare styles, fonts and pictures. Only annoyance: when websites or programs have a limited undo/redo memory and you can’t revert back to the version you want.


Bookmarks are a great way to organize your links. At least in Google Chrome, which is my favorite web browser, you can create folders and organize your URLs into different categories to make your life easier. This is specially helpful for those who find useful links that they want to save, or for people that have to keep up-to-date on multiple sites.

Search History

Finally, the dreaded history – which is not so dreadful when it saves your life and helps you trace back websites that you once saw, used, and now need again.

Hope you learned a few tips! Which is your most useful shortcut? 😉


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