How to Make Old Clothes Look New for the Holidays

We all have our wardrobe favorites that we wish we could use indefinitely. Nonetheless, after some time these pieces get exploited by our obsessive demands for comfort, style or practicality. But there is surely a way to make old clothes look new without spending a lot of money. Hopefully, these tips will help you look fabulous during the holidays and the years to come:

Cuff Your Pants

Wether you’re having a casual party or anything a bit more formal, don’t be afraid to use those jeans or basic pants you’ve already wore a million times because they’ll look totally different when you roll them up at the bottoms. This is especially true for pants that have a different color on the inside since it creates more contrast. Depending on how formal the event is or what style you are trying to achieve, you can play with the different lengths and thicknesses of your fold.

Add a New Layer

If you own a blazer, jacket, shawl, poncho, kimono or other fashionable overall you can wear this over the clothes you have already worn multiple times to give it a different look. Try different combinations like kimono-dress, blazer-pant etc. In general, if your dress is plain, you might want a more elaborate kimono, and vice versa.

Change Accessories

It’s true, especially for statement pieces. As they say, a little black dress is a wardrobe essential that you can mix, match and re-wear. You can do the same for that simple white tee or black trousers by adding different accessories like a statement necklace or belt. Play with bold colors and sizes so that the attention is drawn to the accessories and not your clothes.

When you think you’ve created every combination possible…

Sometimes my best outfits come when I’m under the most pressure and have literally a couple of minutes to get dressed. The trick is, grab the one piece you’re sure you want to wear (floral pant, crop top etc.) and visually go over every other piece in your closet that could be matched with it. It’s not uncommon that you see a garment that you never thought would match and it ends up doing so perfectly. I LOVE when this happens. However, a tip is to take a picture of the outfit because it is so out-of-the-box that you may forget about it… happens all the time.

Hope this helps & happy holidays!🎄 😀


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