Top 3 Bag Must-Haves

Hello guys! Today I wanted to show you my top 3 bags that I use the most and the ones that I can’t survive without. Also, I wanted to tell you that soon I will be showing you my entire bag collection because they are all so different and pretty. Hope that you guys like it! 🙂

  1. My white shoulder bag from Guess

It’s one of them because apart from being beautiful, the color matches with everything, and please, look at that design. What I love the most about this bag are the little white fringes at the sides, besides the gold details.



2. My black Ted Baker bag

You saw it coming – and I love this bag because black is another color that you can pair with anything. I love this purse because it has a lot of space for everything, and I love the material which it’s made from (a hard plastic).


3. My pink and beige bag from Guess

I love to wear this bag because of the different tones and hanging metal details it has. Also, I love the space that it has because you can fit anything you want.




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