Blogger Influencer Week Panama

Blogger Influencer Week LATAM is over! It took place from the 19 to 27 of February here in Panama and gathered bloggers and influencers from all over the world to promote Panama and increase its tourism.


Unfortunately, I was only able to attend one day (February 24) and see the following presentations:


I went with a friend of mine, Paola, and even though we got there a bit late, we managed to see all the presenters. The place were the event happened is a “coworking space” named Workings, in Torres de las Americas.

The first presentation was that of Oxlack Castro and Katherine Boyce, both YouTubers and influencers in Mexico and Panama. Their presentation was my second favorite and it opened my eyes to many aspects of YouTubing in Panama, and the differences between doing this in different countries (due to Panama’s small size etc.)


💄Makeup note: I wore our MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in “To Matte with Love” for the first time. I loved it! Way more than our Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks.


The next presenter was Simon Zebede. His presentation was short and to the point, as he gave examples of marketing and advertisements by big brands and how they are raising issues such as inequality and the environment through their influence.


👗Outfit note: I wore a classy and elegant peplum top from Bebe, black jeans from Zara, and my Ted Baker bag to the conference. It was super comfortable and appropriate, while still being chic and fun. Anything floral, and the contrast between bright colors and black always creates an interesting and visually appealing look.


Now this presentation was definitely my favorite. Yael Bern, a Panamanian brand coach, presented “How to Become an Unforgettable Blogger”. Her presentation was interactive, specific and very helpful – it was obvious that she knew what she was talking about, and also involved the public a lot. If I could replay her speech, I definitely would.



Last but not least was Stephany Martinez talking about lifestyle. Her talk was definitely very crude and addressed many of her laboral mistakes and steps and tips to avoid making them. Biggest takeaway: you will fail. But that’s okay since you need to stand up again and keep trying.


So… what are your thoughts? Hope you enjoyed this!


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