What’s in My Bag

Hello everyone! Today’s post is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time since many YouTubers and bloggers have done it before, and I love seeing what other people take with them wherever they go. I hope you like this post and have a happy Monday! 🙂


This picture shows my Ted Baker bag, and the two main makeup bags I use. I use the small TB one to put many things like hand sanitizer, a hair brush, soap, etc. Things that I may need in case of an emergency. On the second one, I put pads and other girl necessities. Lastly, I also take my glasses with me, which are in the brown case.


I obviously take my wallet with me, which I love because it’s big and has beautiful colors like blue, pink and orange.


The last things are my phone, a mirror that says “bebe” on it (which I love because it’s big and you can see yourself perfectly to apply makeup) and the lipstick/lipgloss that I’m going to wear that day.


Even though I don’t take with me a lot of things, I just take what I really need and use. BTW, if it’s necessary I take my Polaroid to take pictures and have those memories with me.



Bag and makeup bag: Ted Baker

Wallet: Milano

Lipgloss: Dior in Dolly Pink

Lipstick: MAC Bombshell

Mirror: Bebe

Phone case: Prodigee


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