Favorite Stores

Even when I can’t buy clothes, I still like to look inside stores – I call it “educating (and satisfying) the eye”. Educating because even if you won’t own the pieces you see, you get to analyze them, wish you could buy them and move on.

There are multiple stores which I love to buy from and also educate the eye on. My top three are:

Ted Baker

Absolute gorgeous – Ted Baker is insanely beautiful. Their dresses, skirts, bags and accessories (in that order) are my favorite things – always. Ted Baker is a British designer label that I’ve known for about 4 years.



I’ve grown up with this brand, Zara has been woven into my life since I was small. Even though it’s been recently known for its questionable factory and labor practices, it can still be a better option than other stores like Forever 21. I try to limit the amount of clothes I buy from these types of stores, but Zara is the one store where I find most of my casual clothing. Personally, Zara is best for shirts and casual wear.



Bebe is so gorgeous for dresses! Even though I’m not into every single item since most aren’t even my style, when I’m into something – I’m really into it and it usually fits perfectly. My favorite things from Bebe are the semi-formal/formal dresses. I always get compliments when I wear them. They have beautiful dress-up tops too.


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