My Top 3 Go-To Shoes!

Hello everyone! Today I decided to talk about my top 3 shoes that I use the most and save my life most of the times. Vanessa did this post before, and I used her’s as inspiration. I chose these 3 shoes because apart from being comfortable and good-looking, the 3 of them match with everything.

These silver and gold shoes are from Lucky Brand. That’s what I like the most about them – if you’re wearing gold or silver, these shoes will match with either color. Also, I love the broken kind of pattern they have.


Obviously, one of my shoes was going to be black because you know what they say, “Black matches with everything”. These shoes are from Nello Rossi and they are the softest shoes I have ever worn. BTW, I love that little bow on the top.


Last but not least, I have chosen my Converse because they look incredible with everything. What I love the most about them is that you can walk on them for hours and your feet won’t hurt at all.


Bye and have a lovely day!  🙂


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