Makeup Brush Collection!

Good morning everyone! Today I am really excited to show you our brush collection. This is a very exciting post because I will show you what my favorite brushes are, and which ones we use the most to do our makeup.

We have different types of brushes from multiple brands, ranging from high-end to drugstore. Obviously, we will continue to buy more and will let you know if they are worth it. Hope you enjoy and see you soon! 🙂





Let’s start with our Real Techniques brushes which we got for a great price and work extremely good. The first one (starting on the left side) works wonderfully to apply inner-corner highlight to the eye. The second one we use to apply concealer under and on the eyelid, and also to apply eyeshadow.

The third one we use for the crease, to apply darker colors on the eye (it’s excellent for smokey looks). The fourth one we don’t use as much, but is perfect for filling your brows. Lastly, the fifth one we use for putting shadow under the eye.


These brushes are from a collaboration between Estee Lauder and Lancome. Personally, I think that they are great brushes because the first and second ones are kind of small, which makes shadow application more precise. But my favorite is the third one because it’s just big, super soft and perfect for applying eyeshadow to the lid. Also, you can blend really well with these brushes.


The first one from this picture is by Lancome and I use it for my brow bone highlight. Then, the 3 pink brushes are from Forever 21 and let me tell you they are one of the best brushes I have ever used! They are amazing and my favorites are the first two. The angled brush is perfect for applying gel eyeliner.

The second one by Forever 21 is amazing for applying pigment on your lid or glittery eyeshadows. The third one is also perfect for the brow bone highlight. Last but not least, the small black one is really good for applying black eyeliner as well, and we got it at the drugstore from Maybelline.



Our face brushes are my favorite because I love to apply powder, bronzer and blush. The first one is from Real Techniques and like I said before, their brushes are incredible. I use it to apply my foundation/BB cream and it also works perfectly for contouring/bronzing. This brush is amazing since it can have different uses. The second brush is the 129 from MAC and this one is really good as well because the quality is insane and I use it to apply my powder foundation.

Then we have our beauty blender brush from EcoTools. This brush is inexpensive and the brand is really good as well. I use the sponge to go back on my concealer and face to absorb the extra product; it leaves your face feeling really smooth. This isn’t the best beauty blender ever, but it’s nice that it has the handle and you can still dampen it before using.

The fourth brush is from Lancome and I use it for my bronzer. It gives you a great effect, but I wouldn’t suggest you buy it because there are better brushes out there like the Real Techniques and MAC’s brushes. Our fifth brush we basically don’t use since its shape and texture aren’t the best, but it’s from the Lancome and Estee Lauder collaboration.

The last one is from our forever 21 brush kit and it’s amazing and small enough for precisely applying blush or even a cheekbone highlight. I love it since it really blends the products on your face.


Tell us, which brushes were your favorites and which brushes you have that help your makeup be flawless?


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