Things That Make Me Happy

Your probably know this, but there are many things in life to be happy about. In this post I will talk about 6 things that make me happy. Obviously, I have many things to be happy about but these are only some of my favs.

– Taking Polaroid pictures. This is just the best thing ever since I can take pictures that will make me remember many things like trips, friends, places, or even food. I love my Polaroid because apart from materializing memories, blue is my favorite color.


– When I’m a little stressed out and want to relax I turn my candles on because the smell just makes me tranquil and in-heaven. Also, my candles are from Bath & Body Works, which makes it better since they have a bold smell.


– Travelling is one of the best things I could ever do. I love meeting new people, cultures, and places – especially with my sister and mom. We have a great time together and make a lot of long-lasting memories. I have never travelled to NY and that’s why I used this picture: because it’s one of my future dreams to accomplish.


– If you know me, you probably knew this one was coming up. Starbucks, like any other coffee brand, makes me happy – and going to Starbucks at least once or twice a week makes me very happy. It’s just a great way to spend quality time with the people you love and have a great drink!

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 12.38.06 PM

– This needed to be here because I’m a shopaholic. If you tell me to go shopping when I’m in a bad mood, this will totally switch my mood. There is no better feeling than going shopping for you and making you feel special, and of course buying other things for anyone you like.


– Lastly, passing time with my family and friends had to be one. You pass the best times of your life when you laugh, talk, and have those special moments with the people you love. This picture is with my sister and the best cousin ever. I love her and this picture was taken on a trip that we did with our family to Orlando. Unforgettable❤️ 


Thank you and hope you enjoyed!😘


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