Jewelry Essentials & Favorites

Jewelry! It goes without saying that jewelry can totally transform an outfit and give personality to your look. Furthermore, to me it’s usually jewelry that reminds me the most about the person that gave it to me or the story behind it.

In terms of style, I rarely wear statement pieces – I’m more of a simple and dainty kind of person, though I like to use color as well. As you will see, I mostly match my clothing with gold or silver jewelry. PET PEEVE ALERT: I don’t like to wear both at the same time.


In terms of jewelry, my weakness are earrings – I never leave my house without them (just like I never leave my house without lipstick 😂 ). I used to wear longer and bigger earrings before, but now I prefer smaller ones (it may have been Valentina that passed me on the fear of someone accidentally tearing your earlobe).

The similar spheres in black, silver and gold are from Guess

Bracelets & Watch

My next favorite type of accessories are bracelets. The ones in the picture are the ones I wear and love the most. The first on the left and grey one were gifts from Valentina, and I love them! I love these because they match with most of my closet and give “a boost” to an outfit to make it look prettier.

Made by Valen, a gift, Forever 21 & Guess

The navy blue and gold watch is my favorite I own! The center is blue, but the surrounding surface is actually transparent and you can see my skin. The fact that it’s blue means that it goes with many things (especially pretty in conjunction with my Ted Baker shoulder bag in navy blue). I love it when my accessories are the same color as my clothes or different accessories coincidentally match (like the black bracelet with the pearl and my pearl earring above).

*Fun fact about my watch-wearing: I don’t use them to know the time. In fact, I don’t care if they work, they’re just there to “decorate” the look.

The watch is from Kenneth Cole


Now necklaces! I really love necklaces, specifically with shirts or dresses that have that perfect space and almost look like they are pleading to wear one. However, I don’t use them all the time because they can be quite annoying in the sense of collar length not being adequate or your shirt type, besides not having any matching necklaces. The one below is my absolute favorite. It’s a silver necklace against the evil eye and guess who gave it to me? Valentina ❤ (she’s too cute).


What type of jewelry is your favorite? I’m curious to know!


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