Fashion Trends I’m Loving Right Now

It hasn’t been until recently that I’ve found myself really looking at runway trends and patterns for inspiration. Probably because I was too small to care or understand (when I was small I thought every runway outfit wasn’t meant to be worn, and thought it was an “exaggeration” of wearable fashion). However, now I see myself being more aware of trends (on runaways and beyond) and wanting to try so many!

Here are my favorites from the last months:


I haven’t been falling for pant trends in so long because to me they (usually) are kind of mundane and routine. However, I feel like culottes are so fresh and different – perfect for the weather here in Panama and seem so comfortable. Sad fact: All the culottes I see would fit me like regular palazzo pants because I don’t think they take into consideration shorter girls like me😂 (I’m 1.60 m BTW).


Chunky White Shoes

Even though I was skeptical about them at first, as new versions and variations have come out, I feel much more drawn into this style and would love to get a pair. I especially like them in white with black details and the inclusion of other cool materials such as wood. I find it so original!

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 1.40.33 PM
Shoes from Stradivarius

A-Line Dresses (when do I not?)

This should be no surprise because this is my favorite structure for dresses and skirts. I LOVE how they look and fit me.

Midi Dress by Ted Baker

Fringed Jeans

Such an original and fun twist to the normal jean! I really like how this looks (especially with pumps).


Jean & Faux Suede Skirts

Me!? Liking a mini jean skirt? Never thought I’d say this because when this trend was going strong in the earlier 2000s, I despised it! I’m really liking these skirts in A-line shape (surprising much?) and in colors such as tan and black.

Jean skirt from Topshop

Skirt & Dress Slits

Can look so pretty and classy, but I start disliking them when they start too high on the thigh. Another picky detail – I totally dislike front slits, I feel like that’s the worst place to create an opening for your skirt/dress.


Off-The-Shoulder Tops

I love these kind of tops because they look so pretty and make you look more dressed up. I don’t tend to wear off-the-shoulder tops because if they are too big, they can be uncomfortable. Tops like the one below, were the sleeves fall below the centerline are especially pretty!

Off-the-shoulder jumpsuit from Zara

What fashion trend are you loving this year?


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