Secrets for Healthy Hair

Good morning! I have decided to give you my secrets to help you have healthy hair. First, I want to talk about creams and oils you should buy because they’re great for hydrating and softening your hair

The Bed Head cream is amazing since it adds a great smell to your hair and makes it softer. I love the container, and the cream’s texture is very sticky in your hands, but it’s ok since it adds volume to your hair.


-The Coconut Milk serum is the next one. I love this one since it maintains my ends healthy and also hydrated. This has a coconut scent which makes my hair smell irresistible.


Lastly, I use my Moroccanoil, which is a great product for adding luminousness to my hair. I love that you just spray it all around and it also prevents frizz. To be honest, it doesn’t help that much with the frizz control, but it kinda helps.


That’s why it’s important to use any cream, oils, or serums because they give that help that your hair really needs.

Second, you should go to the beauty salon to do a hydrating hair mask because I did one a few months ago and my hair changed drastically. My hair became more straight, the color was lighter, my hair had less frizz, and it just turned out better.

If you can’t go to the beauty salon you can just do many homemade recipes for you hair. You can do one like using milk, an egg, and a cucumber, mix it all together very well and put it all around your hair. Then, use a shower cap and leave it for a least 30 mins and it will hydrate your hair and also will help it grow longer.

Another technique would be using honey or avocado and apply it on the tips of your hair to streghten them up.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 6.08.22 PM

Thirdly, you should cut your hair frequently or at least once every 3 months and brush your hair frequently because it makes your roots stronger and it helps your hair grow longer and softer. Remember that you should also wash you hair at least 3 times a week because everyday is not the best option either. I normally wash my hair every other day.


Thank you and please give us your tips for making your hair healthy!



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