Celebrating Our Uncle’s Birthday!

Your birthday can pass by without anyone noticing, but it is what you make out of it (and every other day tbh) that makes life different and enjoyable!

This year our uncle decided to celebrate his birthday by inviting his family and closest friends to celebrate another year of life.


It was great to spend time with family and meet new people. Very unluckily, I had to take the SAT the next day and leave early – I know, soo sad.


Thankfully though, we both had a great time thanks to the food, music and people especially that attended and made our uncle happy that night 🙂


Our outfits were dressy/semi formal cocktail dresses which were perfect for the occasion. I hadn’t worn this black and white dress in such a long time, but I’m glad I put it into use again.

In order to add more glam to the look (which originally came with a thin, neon yellow belt) I used a black belt with gems from Express.

If you want to hear the story behind the dress that Valentina is wearing, click here!


Thanks for reading!


Dress: Forever 21

Belt: Express


Dress: Forever 21


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