Zuhair Murad Inspiration!

Good morning! I am really glad to dedicate this post to one of my favorite designers of the entire world: Zuhair Murad! This amazing man creates elegant, dressy, and totally unique dresses and outfits in comparison to many designers. My dream is that in the future, he will be the man that makes my wedding dress.

I will show you my 2015-2016 favorite dresses from the collection. But, I have to say that even though I love his designs, I prefer his oldest ones from 2013-2014 because they are more my style. Some of you might like them and others won’t and that’s ok since his taste is very different and that’s what I like about him.

-This dress is one of his recent creations and I fell for it when I saw it. I love😍 the pastel, light, green color with a lot of pink rhinestones at the top. Can we talk about the silver belt? It just adds that pop to the dress. Also, I love the high-low style.


-The one at the left is my fav because I love the high-waisted, white, puffy skirt and the white and golden crop top. What I love the most about these dresses is the combination of colors because gold and white just matches perfectly.


-I love this one because I just admire the black stripes with the light yellow color. I like hole detailing on the top – it just looks so elegant for a red carpet and with the red lip combo. It’s just so classy.


-I adore the combination of pinks, yellow and black on this dress. I love that it’s form-fitting and short.


-I’m totally obsessed with this one since it has that marine and sailor style. I love that it’s a jumper and that it has those gold buttons plus the glittery gold and navy blue stripes. Also, I love the opening on the top because it looks very sexy and flattering.


-Zuhair Murad makes some of the best wedding dresses ever 👰. They are just big and puffy, have a lot of sparkle and they can be very long (princess style) or super simple and short. I really love this one since it’s very stunning, but this one wouldn’t be the one I use for my wedding because I would like a different style.


One of the cool things about Zuhair Murad is that many famous people get to wear the designs he creates. For example:

– Jennifer Lopez


-Nina Dobrev


-Taylor Swift


All the pictures are from: zuhairmurad.com

Hope you liked it and what are your thoughts?

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 12.53.56 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 1.10.34 PM


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