What to Do the Night Before Exams

Exam season can be very stressful for many especially if you aren’t prepared. So here are some tips that we need to be reminded of more often before our end-of-the-school-year tests.

  1. Eat healthy and lightly
    • Don’t go eating a big hamburger from a fast food chain that will make you feel unhealthy and super full. Eat well but more lightly such as beans, vegetables and rice or other nutritious food. Make sure you’re giving your body the energy it needs.
  2. Hydrate
    • Drinks lots of water and make sure your body is feeling well. Relax, breath and hydrate to feel fresh and replenished.
  3. Sleep early
    • It’s of no use to have studied until 2 a.m. if you’re not going to give your brain a chance to process it and remember it. Set an alarm and sleep early the night before any test! (Try to also sleep early at least two nights before your tests start to get into the cycle).
  4. Do some physical activity for 10 minutes
    • You don’t have to go to the gym, but dance or jog for 10 minutes in your home to feel more energetic and release some of that stress.
  5. Review but take 5-minute breaks per hour
    • Everyone knows that cramming is not good for you. So space out the time you’re going to spend studying each class across the days you have left, and take multiple short breaks to clear your mind and relax for a while.
    • Study tip: one of the best ways to review is trying to explain what you know to someone. If no one is around, explain it to yourself out loud.
  6. Do something you enjoy
    • Whether it’s watching a series, looking at YouTube videos, drawing or cooking, spend some time doing what you love. In fact, make this your goal and study with this in mind so you focus more. Timing yourself and setting a goal can help you stay focused and work faster.

Do you have a pre-test ritual? Share it below!


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