Summer Favorites!

Good morning, I hope that everyone is having an awesome summer! Today I will show you many products that I have been enjoying during summer. Many of these things were gifts for my birthday and others I purchased. Hope you like it and see you soon!😘

My new Michael Kors bag has been one of my obsessions for this summer. It matches with many colors and apart of being super pretty, it’s spacious and big. It’s comfortable to use and go out with👜


This was a gift for my birthday by one of my best friends and I love it. It smells like peach and I love this scent for the summer since it’s fresh and sweet. Also, the cream is super hydrating and it’s not sticky and feels amazing on the skin. They are from Bath & Body Works and are called “Pretty as a Peach”🍑


This was another gift for my birthday and I really like it since it also has the sweet smell and has that touch of oranges. I love the packaging and the gold lid drives me crazy😍  It’s called “Bella” by Vince Camuto.


I am proud of having the honor of discovering this product. Why? It’s super cheap, works effectively, and it’s easy to take off. This is an eyebrow pencil that I bought in Sanborns at Multiplaza and it’s amazing because on one end it has the product and in the other end a spoolie brush. I picked the black shade even though my color is dark brown because it makes you look younger and it makes your eyes brighter (it’s not that dark anyways).



For brushes, I been enjoying my MAC 168 brush which is a small angled brush which works perfect for my highlight or contour. This brush is super soft and makes my highlight really smooth on my skin.


My other brush is by Real Techniques and this is the stippling which is amazing for foundation. However, I mainly use it for my bronzer and blush. It’s one of the best brushes and this is something you should purchase right now! Also, it’s super inexpensive and I bought at Arrocha here in Panama.


This was another gift for my birthday and my skin literally fell in love with it. It’s a shower gel by Lush and it’s called “Yuzu and Cocoa”. It smells amazing and it leaves my skin super clean and hydrated.


This next product is super important and each and every one of you should have one since it’s sunscreen. Now a days a sunblock is necessary since our skin needs to be protected from the sun.

This one is called Afelius and what I love the most about it is the that it’s oil free, since my face can get really oil sometimes. Also, it helps to avoid any sun stains☀️


This last product is a lip balm and it feels amazing on the lips since apart of hydrating them, it gives you that icy or cold sensation. It’s called Lip Ice and I bought at Sanborns (and it’s very inexpensive). Also, I love that it smells like vainilla and that it has SPF 20.



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