Charo Garcia Inspiration

My first inspiration post! Valentina has done a couple already, however, this is our first more attainable and realistic inspiration post (in terms of price and location 😛 )

It’s a brand called Charo Garcia. We already have several of her bags and we can honestly say that her diversity in terms of products and the quality are great👌

This is an older picture (you can guess by my hair) of me wearing my blue shoulder bag. At first I underestimated the usefulness of this color, but I’ve surely taken advantage of it!

I have so many clothes that actually match this bag, and even though I can’t fit much into it without it looking bulky, the color is gorgeous.


The cool thing is that this brand is available in multiple parts of the world including Panama, Venezuela and Spain.


This cute pink bag has so much potential! I’ve used it for going out. And even though it has small dimensions, it’s “fat” so a lot of things do fit inside.

By the way, it’s easy to personalize as I added that little bow as my personal touch and pop of color😘

You can also use a bag like this one for makeup, or short trips to carry only your essentials and save space.


I think this next silver bag and the blue shoulder bag are my favorite and the ones I wear the most. The colors are both beautiful and the bags themselves are super stylish and youthful. If you’re looking for new bags at reasonable prices, I would give them a try.

Ps. I love her logos.


Which bag would you buy?


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