Kylie Cosmetics Review!

Hello everyone! Today I am very excited to write and honestly say what I think about the Kylie Cosmetics lip kits💄

When you open the small black box, this is what it looks inside. You find a card that Kylie wrote and the lip products that you purchased. I think that the packaging is very sleek and original. I love how they make the effect of the product dripping down.



This is the first shade that I ordered because I always wanted that dark brown. These lip kits are super matte and super pigmented, and that’s one of the things that I loved the most. This one is called: True Brown K and every lip kit comes with a lip liner.


The second one is Freedom and it’s a super dark blue inspired by the American flag. It is also one of the limited shades. Apart from being super pigmented and drying matte, they feel super comfortable on the lips and smell like vanilla or cupcakes.

I love the smell and the packaging of the liquid lipsticks themselves and lip liners are super pretty, pigmented and creamy. But, what I didn’t like was that the lid of the lip liners fall and don’t close correctly – if you flip the lip liners upside down, the lids fall without any problem.


The third thing that I picked was a metal in the shade: King K, a true golden color. This metal is super pigmented and has the same consistency and smell as the others, but doesn’t come with a lip liner. What I noticed when it arrived, was that my tube was half empty😡

I don’t really know what happened but, many people have been having the same problem recently. So, I would buy this metal again only until the problem is fixed.


In conclusion, I would buy them again and I recommend these products to you. But like I said before, I wouldn’t buy the metals since they come half empty (at least in my case and others I’ve heard). Also, the applicator is nice but you might have some trouble making the line perfect, since the applicator isn’t as smooth.

The lip kits on the other hand (ignoring the lid problem), are super beautiful and I am excited in the future to buy new shades and colors. I would especially like to try the new glosses that just came out.


Here are the swatches of the lip kits (left to right): Freedom lip pencil, Freedom liquid lipstick, True Brown K lip pencil, True Brown K liquid lipstick, and King K liquid lipstick.

Another important thing to have in mind is that the prices are a bit high. For all of these 3 things I paid $85 including the shipping. Have in mind that there are many dupes for all the colors, but if you ask me which ones you should spend money on, I would recommend the most unique colors like Freedom.


Thank you and which lip kit do you want or have? 😘


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