Recent Beauty Favorites

Hello! I was inspired to write this post after a summer full of beauty discoveries and a long time to test them. All the products in the list are excellent quality and if you have the chance and necessity, try buying them👌

Revlon Matte Balm in “Sultry Sulfureuse (225)”

I don’t know what your perfect everyday shade is, but this is mine! Oh how I love this color😍 It can be described as a pinky-purple mob, but everyone I’ve seen using it makes it look different. The color also changes or “adapts” to whatever you’re wearing, were a different color becomes more prominent depending on your clothes.

The balm itself is super creamy, soft and pigmented – a little goes a long way. It’s also long-lasting on the lips, leaving a nice tint after most of it is gone hours later.


Excel Paris Matte Liquid Lipstick in “507”

Now this one was a surprise! My grandmother brought Valentina and I different shades from this brand and I’m not even sure they sell them here in Panama. This color was my favorite, and is similar, to some extent, to the Revlon Matte Balm. This one, however, is a liquid lipstick.

The packaging is funny-shaped, I know, but the product itself is super pigmented, easy to apply and transfer-proof (and very cheap). The only thing is that as soon as you eat, the product comes off.


MAC Blush in “This is Paradise”

This blush is from the “Look in a Box: Sun Siren” face kit, which was given to Valentina as a gift. Out of all the products in the box, the blush and lip products were my favorite. All the kit has an orange tint.

The blush is super pigmented and gives a healthy and flushed out color to the cheeks. Merely than just applying it to the apples, I bring it all the way across the cheeks. Only beware that the color is so strong that you may run the risk of applying too much.


Real Techniques Stippling Brush

I like to use this brush to apply my blush because it has a cute, round shape (perfect for the apples of the cheek). Real Techniques brushes are the best ones I’ve tried so far! (better than MAC). The bristles rarely fall out and the handle, color and brush style are beautiful.


Becca Cosmetics Highlighter in “Pearl”

This highlighter is a dream! The shade is very white and easy to layer up to an intense highlight. I love to highlight my cheekbones with this product. The best part is that it isn’t glittery – it’s finely milled shimmer that reflects light.


Efal Liquid Cleanser

This liquid soap was recommend by our dermatologist a long while ago for pimples. Both my sister and mom use it, while I just recently jumped aboard the Efal train. This cleanser works miracles. Every day you wash your face, you use this instead of regular soap. I can honestly say that this reduces and eliminates pimples and irregularities on the first day of use.

*Oct. 2016 Update: After being using this for a few months, I realized that it wasn’t working wonders as the start and that I was at a state of being permanently broken out (this was while using it about two times a day – which is within what the bottle suggests).

So… I stopped using it for a few days, and voila, no pimples. This soap was apparently too harsh for my skin to use on a daily basis and was the cause for my pimples🙃

I think I will use this product again if I break out very badly, but definitely not on a daily basis. Disclaimer: this soap works perfectly for my mom and sister, but I have more sensitive skin. It’s not bad, just that if you have more sensitive skin, use it with caution.


Which product were you most intrigued by?


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