Tips to Reduce Stress

“I cannot handle my life anymore!”

This is typically what we all say when we are in a bad mood. I get these “stress attacks” sometimes, but I have condensed all of my tips to reduce stress to 7 points. I hope you like it and try to put them into practice!

Painting my nails is an activity that helps me overcome my stress. Why? Because you forget all of your problems when trying to choose a color and trying to paint them as perfectly as possible. I just feel that I am doing something good for myself.


– Eat whatever you like. Food is your best friend and by eating a piece of chocolate or your favorite plate, believe me, everything will be cured instantly. Important: eat in moderation and try to eat healthily.


– Watch any series on Netflix or any page that you like. Series transport you to another world and distract you from everything. Also, I love using this technique because I love watching my favorite series – for example, The Vampire Diaries.


– This is one of the most typical ones: listen to music! Music takes you to another dimension and makes all of that stress and bad emotions disappear. Here is one of my favorite singers, Maluma😍.


– If you are at home, I suggest you go out and breath some air. At first you will feel tired and lazy to go out, but I assure you that when you step out from your door you will not feel like coming back.


– Organizing my makeup and brushes is one of my favs! It sounds ridiculous but since I love makeup, organizing it is what I love the most.

Collection 2

– Last but not least is creating outfits for the blog and going out! I obviously like to decide what outfits I should wear and also prepare to show them to you.


Thank you and see you soon😘


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