DIY Closet Organizer Idea for Bags

Hi everyone 🙂 You know those ideas you have that come suddenly and make you believe you’re a genius? Well, I had one of those a while ago as a solution to the lack of space I had for my bag collection.

Before this idea, I had all my bags – big and small – stacked on a small shelf of my closet. They were indeed getting damaged and losing their shape, so I decided to take action and give them the space and accessibility they needed.

So what did I do? I bought hooks and turned my closet doors into bag hangers.


To do this I bought a six-pack of self-adhesive, cup hooks from Do it Center Panama. These were just what I was looking for.

At first I was thinking of buying hooks and painting them, but when I saw these transparent ones, I thought they were better and more practical.


What I love the most about them is their shape. The hook goes all the way, which is perfect since purse straps can’t fall out easily and they are more secure. They are also able to hold about 1.300 kg (3 lbs).

Next step is sticking the hooks onto the closet doors. Prior to sticking them though, I first chose which bags I wanted to hang (mostly the smaller ones), and pre-arranged them to see how they would look.

For the left door, I taped three hooks, evenly spaced out. You don’t really need a ruler or measurements (I used only my eyes) – unless you really want them to be perfectly aligned.


For the right door I taped only two. Very mysteriously, the third one I was planning to use dissapeared😅. I used only two on the farthest ends for my long shoulder bags.


And finito! You’re done and now have more space and easily accessible bags😃

So what do you think? Are you gonna give it a try?


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