Fashion Week Panama 2016

It’s that time of the year again! Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Panama happened last week on Thursday, Friday and Saturday in various locations around the city.


This year we attended the “Fashion in the afternoon” block on the very last day at Atlapa. We watched the runway shows of four talented designers:

Universidad del Arte Ganexa

I was pretty excited and curious about this one since I didn’t know what to expect from designers at a fashion university here in Panama! It wasn’t disappointing, not at all – all the designers were different and talented with unique pieces. I’m happy for the fact that they get a chance to showcase their talent through such a strong platform such as fashion week👌



Mary Ann Kafati

Now, this was my favorite of the designers! She is an Honduran designer and from reading her About page in her website, what she’s accomplished is really amazing. Her pieces were classy, but with a casual twist and mainly in neutral colors. The one below was actually one of my favorite designs for how different it was; I would totally wear it!



Annie Chajin

This is the second time we see Annie Chajin and were really impressed! In terms of her collection, it was very colorful and fun, but what was really entertaining was the show itself. As you can see from the video, she really captured Panama in a runway. The music, the visuals, the inclusion of the diablos espejos and the empollerada were all beautiful.


Chan Chan

Lastly there was Chan Chan Swimwear. I hadn’t heard about this brand before, but their designs were really beautiful and unique. I loved the colors and and detailing of their pieces, as well as the favorable shape they had.



What We Wore

I opted for a natural and soft makeup look (mainly because we thought we were going to arrive late and I didn’t have time to do much more😂)
My favorite part of my outfit was our Ted Baker bag, which goes perfectly with the blue and the white of the top
Valentina’s glam outfit
Her look was golden all around. One of the key pieces of this outfit are certainly the boots👊

– Vanessa

Shirt: Forever 21

Skirt: Forever 21

Shoulder bag: Ted Baker

Heels: Nine & Co.

– Valentina

Shirt: Steven’s

Pant: Bebe

Boots: Milano

Bag: Michael Kors

See you next year!


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