Dip Dying Your Hair

Hello everyone! I am happy to talk about dip dying your hair because I think it’s a trend that never grows old.

What I love the most about this is that, since many people complain that completely dying your hair damages it, this is the best way to do it since you are only coloring your tips and can chop it off and let it grow back whenever you want.


I love how Miley Cyrus used to look with this hairstyle because the transition from her dark hair to blonde was really pretty and made her face stand out.

I love the color transition because it gives form and body to your hair and looks very cool with longer hair, because you can appreciate the transition more.


This one is similar to Miley’s, but looks more natural since there is a bright brown color to transition between her own color and the blonde, which prevents the dye from looking fake and ugly. I cannot stand ombre hair that is literally a straight line like the picture down below – since that is not ombre and looks fake.


You can see that it looks to fake and the opposite of pretty. This would have looked better if it would have been a more similar shade to her own hair.

Other colors that I love for ombre hair are greys and blues.



I really love how grey looks on many people because it doesn’t look old or harsh, but smooth and neutral. Blue and greenish ombre colors depend on the person but I also lovee this color since it’s fun and it brings a lot of attention.

Thank you and see you soon!😘


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