Skin Care Tips

Hello my loves! Today I will show you my favorite techniques and products that I use to make my facial skin much better and refreshed. I really hope that you use any of these tips because I truly promise that you will see a difference❤️

When my skin feels very dry, one of the first things that I use is my Eucerin Aquaporin Active cream. I love this cream because it feels really light on the skin and it applies really smoothly. I really feel a difference because my skin becomes moist and the smell is really nice and not strong at all. I normally apply it before going to sleep😴


This thermal water by the brand La Roche-Posay is one of the best. When I feel very hot and want to refresh myself, I apply this thermal water and it makes me feel replenished. I normally use this before going to sleep and then apply my hydrating cream. I love this product since the spray gives you an airbrushed finish and reaches every corner of your face.


Scrub: Some time or another I will do a facial scrub since it’s nice to clean the pores and remove old skin from your face. This makes makeup application better, and gives your skin a more healthier appearance and softness.

For my scrub I use my Keri cream which I use to moisturize my body, plus sugar. Just rub it on your face for about 3 minutes, take it off, and voilà!😍



Face Mask: If you haven’t seen my avocado face mask, you should because I give you one of my favorite masks. This one is simpler than the other one because you just use honey. I love this one because the honey will hydrate and give you shine on your face. I recommend you leave it for at least 30 minutes and do it consistently to get a good result.


Other Recommendations: One of my favorite products for my face is called Efal and it’s a liquid soap. I love this soap because you really feel so clean and soft. Also, this product lasts a long time and also smells amazing! Using this soap really puts me in a good mood and I use it everyday when I take a bath☺️


Thank you and hope that it helped you!😘


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