San Blas, Panama

10 Places I Want to Travel To

I love to travel, and thank God, I’ve had the opportunity to do so multiple times throughout my life. However, there are many locations I still wish to explore, dine in and shop at throughout the world.

What calls me to places is mainly culture, history and architecture – I love to visit different places rich in culture, where I’m aware of the history surrounding it, and with beautiful, awe-inspiring buildings. Here are the countries I most want to visit in the future:


Athens, Santorini and other beautiful cities with gorgeous beaches and filled with rich history.


The city of love, lights and fashion. Paris is a must-see and a place I think everyone imagines when you mention “tourism”😂.

The Maldives

The Maldives look like dream islands with their clear, transparent water and luxurious hotels. I would love to visit them in the future (before rising sea levels consume it of course😒).

The U.K.

I feel like the U.K. would be so different than life here in Panama (obviously) and that it may be similar to New York in a way. The history and architecture would be my favorite.

Costa Rica

Not only the fact that I have friends in Costa Rica (and love the accent jaja), but because their ecotourism is so developed and the country just looks so green, relaxing and beautiful!

Various islands on the Caribbean

Curacao, revisit the Dominican Republic and other clear, sandy islands for the perfect time to time-out😍.


Also borders Panama, and it’s known for its art, culture and nice people. I think Colombia has a lot of offer and it’s probably a place that will surprise me.

More cities in the U.S.

Cities like New Orleans, Los Angeles and other touristy places you think of when you’re mentioned travelling in the States (also New York again🙌).

Southeast Asia

Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia… all countries that seem so far away and different but that I would like to visit someday!

United Arab Emirates

I would like to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi for the incredible sights and desert experience.

What are the top countries you wish to visit!?


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