Tips for Having Longer Hair!

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to give you tips to have longer hair, since I have struggled for a long time to make my hair grow faster. This tips have made my hair longer and I am glad to share my secrets with you😘

The first tip is washing my hair with this amazing shampoo and conditioner by the brand Herbal Essences. It’s called Prolóngalo and it helps with the growth of your hair. This shampoo has definitely made my hair grow faster and it smells super good!


The second tip that I have done more frequently is brushing my hair. For many, this is an extra step, but it just makes your hair healthier and without any knots. Remember that I talked about this in “Secrets for Healthy Hair”, which also helps hair growth.


For the past months, I been taking Vitamin D, which is a great vitamin for the hair. Apart from helping your hair, it helps your immune system and bones.


Other tips include:

– Giving a massage to your hair which I do while applying shampoo because it really helps to stimulate the roots of your hair🙆

– (Haven’t done this) Many people say that boiling onions in water and rinsing your hair with that water will make your hair longer, or putting the onions in your shampoo as well.

– This is the most important one, EATING HEALTHY. It’s not bad to eat junk food once in a while, but eating healthy will maintain your body balanced and obviously influence your hair growth🍏

Thank you and fight for the hair that you want! 💪



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