Christmas Eve Dinner + Outfits

Hello everyone! We hope you had a great Christmas with your family and friends like we did😘

We had a beautiful Christmas dinner in a restaurant in Panama called El Brasero, which was amazing since there was a good DJ, food and environment! The best part, of course, was being with our family.

Valentina wore a beautiful black jumper with flaps on the upper part (which you can’t really distinguish on the photo because of the color). She paired it with black heels that have silver rhinestones on it.

The best part was of the outfit was her big, sparkly choker that made the look more elegant, classy and elite. Also, she wore her hair down and straight, plus used other small accessories.


Vanessa wore a Bebe dress were black, red, beige and white were the main actors. She paired the dress with nude pumps (instead of black) to highlight the light colors instead of the dark ones on the attire.

In case you missed it on our social media, it was also Vanessa’s birthday on Christmas Eve. That night we celebrated and sang her happy birthday for because she’s legal now🎉


If you don’t already know, a short dress and nude pumps makes the illusion of taller legs, which is great if you want to seem taller or just like how it looks.

One thing we did for sure was take a whole lot of family pictures on this day😂 Is your family the same?



We danced, ate and had a great time. We wish you the best for this upcoming year💕

We hope you liked this post – what are your plans for the rest of the holidays?

– Valentina

Black Jumper: Guess

Heels: Vince Camuto

Choker: Forever 21

– Vanessa

Dress: Bebe

Pumps: Nine & Co.


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