Welcoming 2017 With Color!

Hello! Hope your day is going well and hope you had a great New Year’s gathering with the people you love❤️ 2017 is going to be great, god willing, and it’s time to start the year with color!

Coral is a vibrant shade between red and orange that most people are afraid to wear and it’s also not as common as other colors.

It also depends on the season you’re in – TBH, Valentina and I don’t really limit ourselves with the colors we wear here in Panama because seasons are basically nonexistant. So feel free to explore wearing different colors the Panama-way😜


For this look which I loved, I paired a long-sleeved, white crop top with a coral maxi skirt. To keep the look more balanced, I do something I always aim for, which is matching my top with my shoes.


Besides the skirt, I think my other favorite part of this outfit was the bag. This small, Ted Baker shoulder bag was a gift for Valentina but I use it as much as her🙈

If you know me, you know I love all things floral, and this bag is super cute and does pair up nicely with many things, even if it doesn’t seem like it does. I used this same clutch in a similar outfit before and it paired just as nicely.


For my jewelry I kept it simple but opted for rose gold details to match the chain of the Ted Baker bag. I felt like that detail was super pretty and looked gorgeous with the coral color, as opposed to silver or gold.


Coral can be related to interdependence and growing together. My wish for this 2017 is that we as a world come together and overcome many of the obstacles and hardships that were are facing.

I challenge you to help others in any way you can this new year😊


Happy 2017!

Skirt: Oxygene

Crop Top: Forever 21

Shoulder Bag/Clutch: Ted Baker

Shoes: American Eagle


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