Palladio Blue Eyeliner in Sky Blue

Makeup Haul and Review!

Hello my loves❤️ Today I am excited to talk about new makeup products that I have purchased over the months. All of these products I have used like crazy, and others I have used only once. The majority of the products are from the drugstore.

The foundation that I am currently using is the Rimmel Match Perfection in Soft Beige. I love it since it’s made with natural products and it contains SPF 18. This foundation is great since it has to light-medium coverage and it smells amazing! I would prefer a pump but it doesn’t drive me crazy that it doesn’t have one.


We’ve always wanted a translucent powder, which means that it fulfils its function of mattifying, but doesn’t provide any color. This is the Palladio Rice Powder  (which smells great!) and we love it since it makes your skin smooth and pretty.


Here is another product from Palladio and it’s their blue eyeliner in the shade Sky Blue. I’ve always wanted a blue eyeliner since it makes your eyes pop and it’s very pigmented. Also, it works perfectly for a winged eyeliner and it’s super smooth.



This cream eyeshadow is from Milani and I am obsessed since it’s pigmented (not super pigmented, but has it’s pigmentation). It’s in the shade Champagne Toast and it’s a nice pink, champagne color, with a lot of sparkle. I love it since it brightens your eyes and it works perfect as inner eye highlight. It lasts long and doesn’t have a smell.



I love these next products from Victoria’s Secret (not drugstore, sorry) which are their lip plumpers. One is a transparent gloss and the other adapts to the color of your lips, which means that it changes to light pink on my lips. They give you a small ticklish sensation, but make your lips a little bigger. I put it on while I get ready to go out and then I clean my lips and apply my lipstick afterwards when I feel like wearing a matte lip.


The last product is the L.A. Girl Hi-Lite Stick in the shade Cashmere, which is basically a matte white, cream highlighter. I like it since it serves as a perfect base for your highlighter, but I don’t love it since it sometimes can make you oily where you apply it. You have to learn where to put it and it also doesn’t have a great smell (it goes away after applying it though). Other shades are probably better, but this one is not the best.


Thank you! Do you own any of these products?😘


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