Coconut Oil Hair Mask!

Good morning everyone! Today I decided to give you one of my secrets for healthy and shiny hair: coconut oil! I’ve read that coconut oil contributes to hair growth, shiny hair, softness and maintains your tips beautiful (avoids split ends).

I have used this hair mask for quite a while now and I must say that my hair looks shiny and feels softer. After you apply this hair mask, you must wash your hair really well to avoid any oiliness (this meant up to 3 hair washes and conditioner for Vanessa and me).

I hope you like it and remember to do it a maximum of once or twice a week because making your hair oily is not the point of this.

You will need:

Coconut oil


Olive oil




You will mix the ingredients in a small bowl – there isn’t an exact measurement, you just use the amount that your hair needs. Remember that coconut oil is the main ingredient you should have, and then apply smaller amounts of the others.

Lastly, you will mix them and you can put the bowl in the microwave so they mix better. Then, apply it by starting on your scalp and massaging it, and slowly applying product until you reach the ends of your hair.

I wrap my hair using a plastic cap or just plain, kitchen plastic wrap so the product concentrates better and is well absorbed. Then leave it for an hour.

Lastly, wash your hair really well and you will feel it very hydrated and soft.

BTW, you could also use the coconut oil alone for a face mask for 30 minutes and it will also hydrate you skin. Also, wash your face really well and you will see nice, soft skin.

Thank you and I hope this will make your hair much healthier!😘


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