Casual Blue Oufit with a Pop of Red

Hello guys! Today I wanted to show you a different side of my style – my more casual side.

Let’s start right off with a tip that never fails me: up any simple hairstyle with a bow or tie to give it more glam!🎀


For this outfit, I matched a long-sleeve “basketball” shirt with some jean shorts. The outfit is very blue and kind of monotone overall, so I highlighted and added contrast with some pops of red with my shoes, bracelet and lipstick.


If you know Panama’s weather, this is a typical “Panama outfit”. You get the best of both worlds – shorts for the heat and something moderately warm for the air conditioner cold, or vice versa.

Mind you, this shirt’s material is very breatheable and not your typical cotton shirt, so it isn’t hot at all.


The Ted Baker satchel I’m wearing is great for times when you need to carry multiple things and keep them close and handy.

Nevertheless, this bag isn’t as spacious as it might seem, and it’s also on the heavy side – even without anything inside it.


Valentina and I both really like this lipstick shade by MAC called Ruby Woo. It’s a very universal red and one of MAC’s most famous shades.


How do you dress on a daily basis?


Shirt: I don’t have the tag anymore so I don’t know, sorry!

Shorts: American Eagle

Sneakers: Converse

Shoulder Bag: Ted Baker


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