How to Do the Things You Enjoy – Even When You Don’t Think You Have Time

Hello! Hope you have a great day 😀 Today I wanted to give you my tips on how to take advantage of your time and do more of the activities you like.

It is possible to do more with the amount of time you currently have, but it’s just a matter of organization and being creative.


In order to watch many of the YouTube videos I want, I tend to see them while I eat lunch after I come from school. Due to differences in schedules, we usually don’t eat lunch together in my family, so this is a perfect time for me to take advantage of my time and watch videos, check Snapchat or the like.

Just like it is lunch for me, this time frame where you can “multitask” could be dinner, or even while you shower.

Personally, I shower with music on and it truly helps me relax – especially on days when I have too much homework and can’t relax in other ways.

Just Schedule It

I’ve found that I’m most productive on days when I stay for after-school activities. As opposed to days when I get home earlier and have more time to do my homework, I work more productively when I’m under some pressure.

Don’t use the “I have no time” excuse or you’ll never do the things you want! I’m guilty of this myself too – no one’s perfect. However, just scheduling activities and establishing a routine, plus preparing/adjusting for the changes in advance will allow you to do more of the things you want.

If You’re Going to Procrastinate, Do It Well

A while ago I read an article which I believe came from Fast Company (if you’re no already subscribed by email or follow it please do, it’s awesome) which said that procrastination is basically inevitable, so you might as well procrastinate with things that will do you good.

In practice, this would mean doing the sport you like for an hour instead of scrolling aimlessly through Instagram. Or for example, watching that movie you’ve been thinking about for months instead of taking a nap.

What are the activities you plan to do more often? 🙂


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