Beauty Favorites😍

Good morning😘 I am excited to show you products that I’ve been enjoying for the past weeks.

I had to mention my Nivea Dry Comfort deodorant since it smells amazing and has protected my armpits every time I have worn it. It feels very smooth and comfortable.


The hydrating hand and body cream from Obey Your Body became my best friend. I use it every time after I take a shower. It’s not lightweight – I would say medium to thick formula – but very hydrating and smells like a spa (milky and sweet)🤗


The Lush Ro’s Argan body conditioner is great! I use it after washing my body with soap and then rinse it off with water. I try to dry myself very lightly once I finish, and it just leaves your body soft and hydrated.


🙌  This next product is magical! This is a shower scrub from Lush called Rub Rub Rub and it contains sea salt, which I love.

I rub it throughout my body, rinse it off, wash myself with regular soap, rinse it, and then top it all off with the aforementioned body conditioner.

It leaves my skin super soft and smooth! Mind you, I don’t do this every day; I probably do this whole routine only once a week.


I have been loving my new Urban Decay glosses in Liar (nude) and Anarchy (hot pink). These glosses are petit, which makes them perfect for travelling.

Also, they are super pigmented which I love, and the nude one has been my favorite💋  BTW, the applicator it very precise and easy to handle.


The last product is a lip butter from Palmer’s. I bought it in Arrocha, a store here in Panama, and I died when I smelled it😋  It smells like chocolate (cocoa) and peppermint.

It’s very gloss-like when you apply it, and then it becomes a little bit thicker on your lips, more like a lip balm. I love anything that hydrates the lips and I guarantee you will like it too. However, it’s not very long lasting, but I don’t mind applying it several times.


Do you own any of these products? What are your thoughts?


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