Tea Time ☕️

Hello everyone, today I wanted to show you my favorite flavors and brands when drinking a delicious cup of tea😋

I consider myself a coffee lover, but sometimes I like to change the routine…


The first flavor that I really love when I want to relax at night is mint tea. I am obsessed since it’s so refreshing and calming. I always buy this flavor from the brand Té Supremo, which is the one I love the most👌


Chamomile or manzanilla is the flavor from my childhood – it’s the one my mom always used to make us. I don’t drink this flavor as much as before, but I like it since it’s not a strong flavor.

I buy Lipton for this flavor since I’ve tried this brand before, and like their other products such as their iced tea as well.


Black tea is one of my favs😍  Whenever I am craving something with a strong flavor, this guy is there to save me!

I buy this flavor from the brand Duran, which is a Panamanian coffee company.


Last but not least, this last brand is called Yogi and my mom’s trainer recommended this for her. I love it since it’s healthy and has a wide range of flavors for different purposes. I love the Echinacea and Green tea flavors.

Each tea bag comes with a nice message which is great for inspiration❤️ Also, I like to add milk since it makes them sweeter and tastier.



BTW, when I drink tea I always like to use honey or brown sugar to make it a little bit healthier than using the regular white sugar.

I hope you liked it and do you like any of these flavors?😊


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