My 7 Biggest Fashion Pet Peeves

Pet peeves are common, but if you like fashion, you know they are certain trends/situations you can’t stand. Here are my top fashion pet peeves in no particular order:

  • Nipples showing through clothes. Yes, I know they are normal and all, but I personally don’t like this, ever.


  • Side boobs or under boobs #sorrynotsorry. I don’t have a boob fetish, okay😂 but I just don’t understand some styling decisions


  • Dresses or clothing in general you can’t zip up yourself. I can just imagine how awful it is to be a girl who lives alone and can’t properly put her own clothes.

  • When those straps that come with clothes show through clothes or get tangled – this is why I almost always cut them right away


  • People who cut all the tags of every clothes they buy *cough* Valentina *cough*

  • When clothing pieces come with tags everywhere and most of them seem unnecessary – sometimes literally blank pieces of fabric


  • Trying to create a monochromatic outfit but not having the same exact shade in different garments – especially trying to match whites

Comment what pet peeve(s) we have in common below!


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